Nyatiti Stories EP

The project is a musical representation of similarities and differences between two continents. Through music, the listener learns about music traditions that have developed separately from one another, but which still carry great similarities.

Daniel Onyango continues this tradition while also developing the language of the Nyatiti. In this production, Kenyan stories are interwoven with Daniel’s musical and cultural impressions from Sweden. Daniel Onyango’s vocals and Nyatits play are at the center. In collaboration, musicians Tobias Andersson (guitar) and Staffan Bråsjö (piano / song), create a sound that borrows influences from both jazz, afrobeat and not least Swedish folk music tradition.

Listen to the EP here

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Published by Daniel Onyango

Daniel Onyango is a talented Nyatiti musician who has been playing the traditional Kenyan instrument for 14 years. Originally from Nairobi Kenya and currently living in Sweden, Daniel was exposed to the Nyatiti at a young age and has been passionate about the instrument ever since. Onyango's music is characterized by its unique blend of traditional Nyatiti melodies and contemporary influences. Daniel’s compositions are inspired by his life experiences and the stories of the people he has met throughout his travels. In 2020, Daniel Onyango released his first debut EP Nyatiti Stories together with two young Swedish jazz musicians. Since then, he has performed at numerous events and concerts both in Kenya and Sweden. With his mesmerizing performances and soulful melodies, Daniel has earned a loyal following both in Kenya and around the world. He continues to push the boundaries of Nyatiti music and is committed to preserving and promoting this unique art form for future generations.

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