Nyatiti Stories EP

The project is a musical representation of similarities and differences between two continents. Through music, the listener learns about music traditions that have developed separately from one another, but which still carry great similarities. Daniel Onyango continues this tradition while also developing the language of the Nyatiti. In this production, Kenyan stories are interwoven with […]

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Exploring Sweden through music

  Two years ago, while traveling to Sweden, I had the privilege to meet pianist Staffan Bråsjö and guitarist Tobias Andersson, both professional Swedish Folk-Jazz musicians. Since then we have cultivated a strong bond that extends beyond good music-company, to a lasting friendship. It all started in 2017. Before arriving in Sweden, my partner Pia, […]

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About Daniel

Growing up in the City of Nairobi in the beginning of the twenty-first century, much of the music was influenced by modern beats and sounds. Having been exposed to various forms of musical instruments, Daniel found the Nyatiti.

Amazed by its beautiful music and the traditions that come with it, he settled down to learn how to play. Daniel met Odour Nyagweno, one of the few people in Kenya who still knows and practice it. Odour became his mentor, friend and Nyatiti master, and passed on many years of knowledge and tradition.


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